ZIYA LED street light

As part of BEKA Schréder’s recent product launch, the new cost-effective ZIYA has been well received in the market. This locally designed and manufactured LED street light promises to deliver the highest efficacy for road and outdoor area lighting at an affordable price.

Compact yet powerful, light yet robust, affordable yet highly efficient, the ZIYA provides the fastest return on investment in road and area lighting. The ZIYA offers a superior lumen/watt ratio to deliver a high-performing, energy-efficient lighting solution at an affordable price for various landscapes, including pedestrian zones, streets, roads and car parks.

The ZIYA consists of a marine grade aluminium housing (EN 1706 AC-44300) and hinged polycarbonate protector. The protector is fixed by hinges offering tool-less access to the gear and optical compartment. To maximize the reliability of the LEDs, the photometric engine and control gear compartment are completely sealed to IP 65. This ensures that the photometric performance is maintained over time.

The latest LED technology has been utilized to provide the most energy efficient solution. The thermal design has been optimized to offer a high lifetime of all electronic components, thereby providing an expected lifetime of the luminaire of 60,000hrs at L70, even in the most extreme environment. Electronic temperature monitoring prevents overheating of the LEDs and power supply (ThermiX®).

The ZIYA luminaire offers an incorporated inclination system to allow for precise on-site setting. Built to withstand high ambient temperatures and vandalism (min. IK 10) and with a high IP 65 tightness level, the ZIYA provides a sustainable performance over time.

The ZIYA is the ideal tool to shorten the payback time of an LED lighting installation and to provide the best return on investment.