BEKA Schréder Supports the Y.E.S. Programme

BEKA Schréder is proud to be participating in the wonderful YOUTH EMPLOYMENT SERVICES (Y.E.S.) Programme, which is all about enabling previously disadvantaged youth to gain work experience to ensure that they can unlock their career path at the end of the programme.  

About Y.E.S.

Y.E.S. is a non-for-profit organisation and a business-driven initiative which is breaking new ground by pioneering a partnership with Government and Labour, in collectively tackling a national plan to build economic pathways for previously disadvantaged youth.

A ‘first chance’ is often all it takes to unleash the potential of a young person. Y.E.S. focuses on previously disadvantaged youth between the ages 18 and 35 by providing work experience for one year, giving young people a chance to demonstrate their abilities, establish their work ethic and prove their worth. The result of the work experience is a CV, a reference letter, credibility and an empowered young person who has access to a digital platform to unlock their career path. Source:

BEKA Schréder’s Involvement

BEKA Schréder is thrilled to have enrolled into the Y.E.S. programme, creating workable positions for 15 youth. They will fill positions in our Operations, Health & Safety, Dispatch, R&D, Finance and HR Departments, as Administrators, Operators, Mechanical Draughtsmen, Freight Controllers and Health & Safety Officers.

BEKA Schréder in partnership with the Y.E.S. Foundation, is committed to provide a quality work experience to all employed Youth members.  

During the 12-month contract BEKA Schréder and the Y.E.S. Foundation will monitor the progress of the Youth. A smart phone will be issued to each Youth member. The Youth need to complete the 24 work-readiness modules and assessments throughout the contract period. At the end of the programme, BEKA Schréder is committed to absorb at least one Youth member into a permanent employment position.

A Y.E.S. exit pack will be provided to each Youth member, including a CV, a creditable reference and access to a digital network of employees and opportunities.


Y.E.S. aims to create one million jobs for youth. It takes all of us to step up to this challenge! The result is a healthy country, a strong economy and successful businesses, referred to as a win-win outcome. BEKA Schréder, a leading local manufacturer of LED lighting products, is proud to be a part of this initiative.