ULYSSE Refresher Course and Training

If you are a user of the Ulysse lighting design software and need a refresher course, or if you are a new user of the software and require training, BEKA Schréder can offer this to you.

ULYSSE lighting design software is a stand-alone, non-destructive and most advanced street lighting calculation software. The software package is designed to assist lighting designers to model and calculate the effect of lighting in their applications and designs. With this powerful software tool, the most efficient luminaire and configuration can be calculated.

It has been designed to be simple and practical to use, whilst having the ability to perform a range of important lighting calculations and produce a diverse range of graphical outputs very quickly. It is also highly flexible, in that it covers a large range of different design options that can be chosen to suit the users’ individual specifications and requirements. What’s more, with all these features, the software is free!

BEKA Schréder is proud to bring its customers a simple street lighting design solution.

For further enquiries on the refresher course and training, please do not hesitate to contact Dineo Pila at 011 238 0162 or d.pila@beka-schreder.co.za.