THYLIA used for Govan Mbeki Avenue upgrade

Paved with red bricks and cobblestone, with indigenous assegai trees lining the sides and THYLIA street lighting masts interspersed along the pavement, the Port Elizabeth CBD has never been the same again after Govan Mbeki Avenue has opened after its upgrade into a pedestrian mall.

Phase 1 has been completed and involved upgrading the street into a pedestrian mall from Market Square to Donkin Street. Phase 2 is currently at an advanced stage to upgrade the section of road from Donkin Street to Russell Road. The upgrade involves the conversion of the street into a pedestrian mall with some space left for a one-way traffic stream and limited parking within the mall area. Side streets leading on to Govan Mbeki Ave will also be refurbished.

The Mandela Bay Development Agency is the initiator of this project with funding from the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality. The THYLIA range was selected for this prestigious project due to its highly contemporary design, which allows the professional team to personalize this project with a daring and innovative mix of white light and flowing lines.

THYLIA 150W MH luminaires mounted on configurations of single and double stem arms on a structured cast iron base were selected for this project. The very elegant THYLIA wall bracket was utilized to light up the alleys and narrow streets where access with poles were not possible, creating an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere.

BEKA is proud of the association, technical input and support supplied to the professional team consisting of The Matrix Architects, CA Du Toit Consulting Engineers and the NMBM Electrical Department.