The Legendary BEKAPOLE

BEKA Schréder’s Glassfibre Reinforced Polyester (GRP) Poles have proven their worth for more than 30 years, having been installed all over Southern, East and West Africa, as well as in South East Asia, Australia and South America.

The BEKAPOLE has virtually unlimited applications. It can be manufactured to any requirement relating to the number and configuration of luminaires to be mounted, inclusive of any special colour.

BEKA Schréder GRP Poles are manufactured by the reliable Filament Winding method. This method ensures optimum tensile and bending strength in order to meet the stringent requirements of SABS 1749, South Africa’s Standard for GRP Poles. The Filament Winding process fully utilises the inherent strength of a glass filament, which is higher than steel. Furthermore, a continuous tapered finish is guaranteed, which is welcomed by any aesthetically-conscious town and city planner.

The Poles are finished with a Gel Coat layer to meet the colour requirements of the customers, and to achieve a smooth, colour impregnated finish.

The GRP Poles are available in lengths of up to 14m and are therefore typically used in applications like main road lighting, floodlighting, security lighting, residential area lighting, and park and garden lighting.

BEKA Schréder’s Poles have saved many lives, since no driver has ever been reported to have been killed as a result of colliding with a GRP Pole. This has made GRP Poles popular in traffic hot-spots as they ensure a safer road environment.

In addition, the BEKAPOLE’s vandal-resistance is astonishing, since its impact strength can be well compared to that of steel. BEKA Schréder’s unique access door design prevents any unauthorised access in a most efficient manner.

The BEKAPOLE is available in many configurations and mounting options, namely buried, surface mounted, hinged or winched version. Furthermore, customisable pole solutions are available on request.

All users of GRP Poles are welcoming the savings they enjoy as a result of the poles’ corrosion resistance and longevity. Hot-dipped galvanised steel poles shed, year by year, layers of their protective galvanising coat. When the rust starts to show, their owners start painting the surface. However, internal corrosion or corrosion below ground level remains unnoticed and becomes untreatable, until the poles start to fail and fall over. This problem is not a challenge for GRP Poles, since their material is totally corrosion resistant, as their long history is showing.

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