The Flemish Ministry of Transport and Mobility chose the Teceo to light a pilot LED motorway project in Antwerp

At the end of 2014, the Flemish Ministry of Transport and Mobility (AWV) decided to implement a pilot LED motorway lighting project by installing 21 LED luminaires on the A12 to Stabroek.

After the first positive results of this pilot project, they decided to extend the project in a bigger zone, and opted for the Antwerp-West junction on the E17 motorway.

The luminaires along the E17 and the R1 (Antwerp ring road) were already over 50 years old and needed to be replaced. In addition, the Antwerp-West junction is a particularly busy stretch of this motorway as commuters head in and out of the city, making it ideal for this pilot project.

The objective of this project was to have a clear and precise vision of LED lighting on a motorway. Different parameters such as luminous efficiency, energy consumption, life span, maintenance, reliability, management and return on investment are being measured over a 5 year period.

Another important factor in road lighting is visibility. Thanks to the white light of the LEDs which offers an optimal rendition of colour, the visibility of the road, possible obstacles and other vehicles is increased. It thus contributes to improving safety and comfort for motorists.

The AWV chose the Teceo luminaire to light the 8.5km of the motorway in this pilot project. Thanks to its high photometrical performance which is optimised for each environment, and minimal energy consumption, this LED solution by Schréder perfectly meets the requirements of this project. In total, 220 Teceo LED luminaires have been installed along this section of the motorway.

The Flemish Minister for Mobility and Public Works, Ben Weyts firmly believes in this LED technology, “Without a doubt, LED lighting improves road safety. It requires a bigger initial investment but is much cheaper to operate: it is therefore a profitable investment. ”

The first reactions of the motorists to the Ministry have been positive. They are particularly delighted by the improved visual comfort and safety on this section of the motorway.