The BEKA LEDtec, an innovative Low-Bay Luminaire

Low-Bay luminaires are often used in industrial applications, for areas with mounting heights below 5m. Traditionally Metal Halide Lamps were used in these luminaires, which had severe disadvantages. BEKA’s new and innovative BEKA LEDtec has overcome these shortfalls.

BEKA’s new low-bay luminaire, the BEKA LEDtec, features unique concepts, which have been specially designed for Africa’s environments and conditions. This is evident in the unique thermal sensor technique, which monitors the temperature of the LEDs on the printed circuit boards (PCBs). Once a critical temperature is reached, which could harm the lifetime of the LEDs, the current is reduced to a safe temperature level. This safeguards the LED’s and ensures that the long lifetime of up to 100,000 hours, as envisaged by the LED manufacturer OSRAM, is achieved.

BEKA provides a patented and effective lightning protection device to prevent the destruction of the power supply, drivers and LEDs as a result of electric surges, as typically caused by lightning. This makes it particularly suitable for under canopy installations as used in petrol station forecourts.

The installation process is easy, since the LED module and the power supply and driver module can be removed for installation or future maintenance.

The housing is manufactured of stainless steel, type 3Cr12, which prevents corrosion of the metal casing in corrosive environments.

To maximise the reliability of the LEDs, the photometric engine is completely sealed to IP66.This ensures that the photometric performance is maintained over time.

The light distribution is such to prevent unnecessary glare and therefore visual discomfort.

The BEKA LEDtec can also be offered in a dimmable version, which is triggered by an incorporated movement detector.

BEKA is supplying these luminaires to South African and international clients, who appreciate BEKA’s understanding of the environment in which the product is used.

BEKA is proud to have once again proved its leadership in the LED technology by designing professional solutions and therefore create jobs in South Africa.

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