Teceo – Road and Area Luminaire

Little things make a big difference to people’s everyday lives, one of those is how they interact with their surroundings. A connected infrastructure in towns and cities makes a better quality of life an attainable dream. It also makes it possible for people using the environment not only to enjoy the environment, but also to be more effective and productive. Good lighting has been accepted as one of the most effective ways for individuals to achieve this.

One of the growing trends globally is using LED technology to improve visual comfort, reduce energy consumption and increase safety in an environment. It is for these reasons that BEKA Schréder continues to innovate in LED technology by investing continuously in research and development projects that aim to improve luminaire performance.

The new Teceo range is known for its aesthetic looks, excellent performance and versatility. It is ideally suited to lighting residential streets, urban roads, business parks, bike paths and car parks. The range offers optimised photometrical performance with a minimum total cost of ownership. It offers towns and cities the ideal tool to improve lighting levels, generate energy savings and reduce their ecological footprint. A control system can also be incorporated in order to achieve even higher energy savings. With colour rendering that is up to four times better than traditional light sources, LEDs beautify the city landscape. For inhabitants, higher colour recognition enhances safety, visual comfort and well-being in the public space.

The Teceo is equipped with the second generation LensoFlex®2 photometric engine which offers a high-performance photometry optimised for each specific application with minimum energy consumption. The IP 66 rated optical compartment and control gear tightness levels help to protect the LEDs and lenses from coming into contact with the outside environment and to maintain a continued photometric performance over time. The optical unit can be easily removed, allowing on-site replacement in order to take advantage of future technological developments.

The Teceo range offers flexible combinations of LED modules, a choice of currents and dimming options to further maximize energy savings and provide the most cost-effective solution. A rear bracket version of the Teceo luminaire is available so that streets, side streets and large pavements can be lit using the same luminaire design. The wall bracket allows for the lighting of narrow streets as well as any poorly lit areas.

BEKA Schréder proudly takes lighting to the next level, contributing to more vibrant and engaged communities.

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