Taking the outdoors to heart

Decreasing greenhouse gas emissions and lowering of the carbon footprint is in every country’s agenda lately. This is even more relevant to African countries as they are facing other challenges in parallel to trying to curb the environmental issues. One of the challenges faced by countries like Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa and others is traffic congestion, which has a direct impact on the efficiency of the flow of goods, which in turn hampers economic growth.

There are a number of solutions to this. One of them would be trying to move the different industries closer to people’s residences. Another would be to get people to use public transport more frequently. In most African countries, the daily trips are relatively long. This is true also for South Africa. But there are also a big number of people that travel from surrounding locations to work, where the distances are short. If one looks at people travelling from Mamelodi to Pretoria, Alexandra to Sandton, Atteridgeville to Pretoria, the average distance can be around 10 – 12km. These distances could comfortably be covered by cycling or a more efficient mode of transport. The biggest challenge is the culture of using cars because of poor public transport.

Travelling by bicycle could be one of the few options. But this can have much worse repercussions if provision is not made to cater for the new bicycle traffic. This has been clearly seen during the recent EcoMobility World Festival 2015 that was held in Sandton, hosted by the City of Johannesburg. It has been proven that reducing the number of cars by 10%, will reduce the traffic congestion by 40%.

High levels of traffic congestion and accidents lower the quality of life for people. Efficient alternative and environmentally-friendly modes of transport are key to not only improve mobility, but the quality of life as well.

BEKA Schréder is strategically positioning a number of decorative luminaires to ensure the concerned environments are not only usable and comfortable during the day, but also enjoyed after sundown. Not only are we looking at post top luminaires, but also at solutions that address issues of security, connectivity, information etc.

In our next communication, we will go deeper into the solutions to see what can be done to enhance people’s quality of life in their communities.