Taking the outdoors to heart – Part 2

Pathway lighting makes landscapes safe and inviting to walk and jog after dark. BEKA Schréder offers lighting solutions that range from a collection of bollard luminaires that fit beautifully in every environment, to decorative post top luminaires that emphasize any area. A good example of these products is our popular ZELA luminaire.

The ZELA has been used extensively in a number of applications ranging from outdoor parking spaces in shopping malls, to university pathways at the University of Stellenbosch. The Zela emits a pleasant, glare free light due to the highly efficient white reflector. It is available in a symmetrical or asymmetrical light distribution, ensuring the correct lighting levels exactly where it is needed.

A luminaire that is aesthetically pleasing yet functional is the YOA.

The YOA is perfectly designed to fit in urban spaces, residential golf estates or beach fronts where a decorative luminaire is needed. It is the optimal lighting solution for bicycle paths, walkways, and small city roads. The YOA range offers flexible combinations of LED modules, driving currents and dimming options to provide the most cost-effective solution while improving comfort and safety for people. This luminaire is guaranteed to contribute positively in the quality of life for the people living in that environment.

Finally, BEKA Schréder has a team of accredited lighting engineers who are able to assist our customers with their lighting design requirements, regardless of whether it is for a residential road, a park or a simple bicycle path, and turn them into well-lit, safe and comfortable environments.

Who wouldn’t want to spend more time outdoors?