As a responsible company, we’re committed to helping the world switch to LED lighting as a way to drastically reduce energy consumption.

The LEDlume range for road and urban streetlighting from BEKA Schréder sets a new benchmark in LED lighting, with its unsurpassed light uniformity and flexible configurations. Designed and manufactured in South Africa, the LEDlume is suited to local conditions and is already helping some of the country’s cities to minimise their ecological footprint. With an estimated lifetime of up to 100,000 hours, the LEDlume is FutureProof, enabling easy technology upgrade. By combining the best of LED technology with a wide range of control systems, these solutions offer huge energy savings of up to 85% and radically reduce the payback time of a new installation.

We’re ready to help you switch on tomorrow’s cities with the LEDlume range combined with our new Owlet IoT control solution – an efficient, sustainable solution for public lighting.

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