Smart Multi-functional Lighting

Technology advancements and infrastructure development trends show that more and more buildings require ‘integrated solutions. These solutions should not only serve as hubs for connectivity also safety and security. For these solutions to be realized, a number of services are needed. These include WIFI connectivity, security camera’s, lighting, traffic management systems, public communication systems, etc. If these are not properly planned and integrated into the intended ecosystem, they will tend to be extremely untidy and difficult to manage.

The BEKA Schréder multi-functional smart column, the SHUFFLE, has been designed to make the ‘integrated outdoors concept’ a reality. Some of the major appeals of the SHUFFLE is not just lighting and energy savings, but making public spaces safer. The SHUFFLE contains a built-in loudspeakers, CCTV camera, electrical vehicle chargers, WIFI hotspot and many other features. These features create a more enjoyable experience that aims to enhance people’s livelihood while making them feel safe at all times.

The Loud Speaker
The SHUFFLE has an integrated speaker can be used for broadcasting, public address announcements. It can also be used for advertising or simply playing music. This contributes in creating a nice and relaxing atmosphere while periodically passing important messages to the public.

The Camera
The SHUFFLE also has a superior compact CCTV camera with perfect night vision efficiency. This camera has high brightness compensation, and advanced detections properties which can be used to provide critical security information.

The SHUFFLE has a WLAN module that has an integrated 360° LED light. The WLAN module can be used in multiple configurations. The CAMPUS configuration or the URBAN configuration.

The campus can be used for shopping centers or business complexes. This configuration works as an extension of an existing network. The urban configuration can be used for city applications, allowing multiple users to connect to a WIFI network at the same time.

The electrical Vehicle Charger
Taking advantage of the existing electrical grid connection, the SHUFFLE includes an advanced AC car charging station to offer an integrated solution for E-Mobility. With more charging points available, mobility will become greener.

The ecosystem
The SHUFFLE is an affordable, completely energy saving solution that requires very low maintenance. By providing multiple services in a single column, the SHUFFLE minimizes the material needed in spaces.

Furthermore, the SHUFFLE column makes perfect aesthetic sense in any setting, especially in urban and residential areas where people wish to be surrounded by pleasing features while feeling safe. The SHUFFLE is also suitable to applications such as roads, streets, squares, pedestrian crossings, walking paths and architectural lighting.