Schréder lights the SOCHI Olympics

Schréder delivered lighting solutions for roads, hotels and car parks in Sochi, the Russian city hosting the 2014 Winter Olympics.

The entrance and the grounds of the prestigious hotel where the Olympic Committee will be staying are lit by Schréder’s Perla luminaire – an LED luminaire with a unique design, to emphasise the building’s sustainable character and to create an exclusive ambiance.

Schréder also provided the luminaires to light several motorways and roads, which were completely renovated to ensure safe and pleasant journeys for both athletes and visitors travelling from Moscow to Sochi and the different sporting venues around the city.

Energy savings were the key criterion for choosing Schréder’s Teceo LED luminaire to light the roads leading to Sochi; its high performance allowed the spacing between the poles to be increased to 55 metres, thus drastically reducing the number of lighting points.

Other projects include lighting the car park of the “Ice Cube” curling centre and enhancing the Games’ Media Centre’s façade with architectural lighting.

In collaboration with its local distributors, Schréder is proud to participate in this great event!

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