Schréder, Experts in Lightability™ at Light+Building 2018

Schréder revealed its new brand identity, Experts in Lightability™ at Light+Building last week.
2018 is a milestone year as the company celebrates 111 years in business. Yet, we realised that there was still no word to explain what we do, something that goes far beyond lighting.

So, as we look to the future, we created it. 


Schréder are Experts in Lightability™.

Lightability™ is the word Schréder has created to embody what we do, how we do it, and the values our company stands for. With more than 111 years of experience with light, we have been at the forefront of innovation throughout our history.
Schreder Expert lightability 2018Sealsafe®, the µR® (micro-reflector), miniR® and the Shuffle are just a few of our inventions. But Lightability™ is not just a skill. It is an attitude.

It is reimagining the way light is used through efficiency, innovation, sustainability and expertise.

The latest wave of urbanism means city centres are becoming more vital than ever: connectivity is crucial.

Our infrastructure and innovative products empower us to bring data to the streets in the same way our founder brought light.This new slogan embodies our commitment to help our customers by understanding their needs and by building stronger relationships with them, whilst remaining a leading innovator.
It seemed only fitting to launch this new identity at Light+Building, the largest trade fair in the lighting technology industry.

And what a trade fair it was! We welcomed a record number of visitors from all corners of the globe with a high interest in the new innovations that we were showing.

There was a massive interest in the Shuffle with its new options. Visitors were able to see the live images from the cameras on the stand on a large screen. They were also able to interact with the intercom button to see the person at the other end, while the light ring flashed to inform emergency services.
With 5G arriving soon and site acquisition in cities becoming more and more difficult, the Shuffle Site, which integrates the Huawei small cell, received a lot of positive feedback.


Visitors could see live images from the Shuffle cameras the stand on the screens annd interact with the intercom button.



There was also extremely high interest in the new additions to the decorative and road lighting ranges. Visitors particularly appreciated the aesthetic design of these luminaires that keep communities safe while enabling more efficient and cost effective public services.


Visitors appreciated the aesthetic design of the new decorative luminaires: Oyo, Voldue and Zylindo



The Owlet IoT demo was also a big hit. It showed how technology drives connectivity to deliver significant benefits for operational managers and citizens. Indeed, Owlet IoT not only enables city planners to cost effectively plan, deploy, monitor, control, troubleshoot and report on lighting networks, it can also transport data from sensors through short-range wireless infrastructure. This data can be viewed in the easy-to-use Owlet interface or integrated into 3rd party applications to help citizens.  

The Schréder Tunnel with the ATS control system demonstrated how tunnel operators can manage every lighting point to ensure complete safety with even more energy savings and operational benefits. Visitors could see how the control solution dimmed or increased the lighting levels as the luminosity outside the tunnel changed or the speed at which the traffic was travelling while respecting the CIE norms.


The Schréder Tunnel demo was a big hit.



We were overwhelmed by the inspiring conversations and interesting insights we received from our visitors. They will help us to focus on what our customers really need, and how they will apply some of the big ideas being advanced in the industry.

So thank you all for taking the time to visit us on our stand at Light+Building. We look forward to working on exciting new opportunities with you.

If you were unable to visit the stand, visit Schréder’s new corporate web site – – where you will find more information about Lightability™ as well as the successes created with customers.

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