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Stadium Control System

Stadium Control System

The Stadium Control System is a DALI based control system specifically designed to control, switch or configure stadium luminaires for the correct light at the right time. It is programmed to a BASIC, INTERMEDIATE or an INTELLIGENT configuration.


  • The BASIC configuration uses four manually operated switch buttons and a key switch, all mounted in a control box or panel. Each button is programmed with a 4 channel DALI controller connected to the DALI line.
  • The INTERMEDIATE configuration can control the luminaires with a DALI Bluetooth module via a device with Bluetooth connectivity through an application interface. The DALI module is connected to the DALI line.
  • The INTELLIGENT configuration is designed to control luminaires through a DALI Gateway module connected to a LAN network and operated on a device with internet
    connection through an application interface. User access is controlled through the application interface. Multiple scenes can be setup and controlled on the application interface.


  • Custom solution per application
  • Each floodlight, and even light engine, can be individually controlled
  • Dynamic lighting can be created
  • Spread of maintenance resulting in the equal usage of the light fittings, thereby reducing maintenance costs
  • The Stadium Control System is a DALI-based digital solution for all stadium floodlighting control requirements
  • Configurations include a number of controlled scenes, custom designed for the unique requirements of different light levels
    • Scenes are controlled to accommodate specific scenarios like practice, club level, league games etc. which all require different light levels
    • Remote control via smart phone or tablet using internet connection
    • Bluetooth wireless control via smart phone or tablet
    • Secure user access controlled

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