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LED floodlighting solution

The aesthetic design of the OMNIflood-midi, in combination with a variety of optical distributions, makes it versatile and thus the perfect choice for lighting recreational sports areas, industrial areas, service stations, campuses, business parks, car parks, building façades and billboards.


  • Designed and manufactured in South Africa
  • Designed to operate LED light sources of up to 138W in an ambient temperature (Tq) environment of up to 25˚C, without reducing the useful lifetime of 80 000 hours, at a lumen depreciation of not more than 30% (L70B10)
  • One-to-one replacement of HID floodlights up to 250W
  • White light with a high colour rendering index
  • High energy savings compared to systems with traditional discharge lamps due to precise light control
  • FutureProof: smart upgradability
  • Long lifetime and low maintenance
  • Surge protection 10kV/10kA
  • 5 year warranty (Terms and conditions apply)


  • Area
  • Security lighting
  • Warehouse
  • Service station
  • Sport areas
  • Accent & architectural
  • Façade
  • Signage
  • Bridge

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