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BEKA LEDstream

LED Floodlighting


  • Designed to operate LED light sources of up to 37W in an ambient temperature environment of up to 35˚C, without reducing the useful lifetime of 100 000 hours, at a lumen depreciation of not more than 30% (L70)
  • Efficient alternative to CFL, HPS and the latest metal halide sources
  • Easy to install
  • No lamp or component replacements for more than 10 years
  • Various light distributions for customized projects, with efficiency and visual comfort
  • Optional dimming
  • Instant hot and cold restrike
  • Fused surge protection of 10kA/10kV
  • Thermal feedback to preserve the lifetime in ambient temperature environments of more than 35˚C


  • Façade lighting
  • Area lighting
  • General floodlighting
  • Billboard lighting
  • Security lighting

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