Owlet ‘IoT’ Street Lighting Control System

Internet of Things

The “Internet of Things” (sometimes also referred to as the “Internet of Everything,” or IoE) generally refers to the multiple networks of devices or technology platforms (“things”) that communicate with each other via wireless protocols and without direct human interaction. IoT is not a single network. It is a concept that encompasses a multitude of independent, but complementary networks in various service sectors such as:

  • Efficient energy distribution: smart grids
  • Home automation systems
  • Vehicular traffic management
  • Healthcare services
  • Public safety
  • Industrial and Manufacturing
  • Environment
  • Farming

Owlet IoT Integration

Owlet IoT is a next generation lighting control network or system, based on cellular star and thread mesh technology. All lighting controllers on a typical application will be equipped with a cellular (2G/3G) modem and Low Power RF (LPRF) thread mesh transmitter and receiver. The Owlet IoT system will create islands of LPRF networks with each device connected to the mesh network through the IPv6/IPv4 backbone and a border router.  The new Owlet IoT system will use Open Standards, the system that will enable the easy integration with larger smart city platforms.

The Owlet IoT system is in fact a combination of an in-depth performing road and street city lighting management application, capable to exchange data or interoperate with neighboring systems. The Owlet IoT platform will be bringing with it easy commissioning benefit coupled with a simple scalable and expandable architecture.

For a presentation or more information on the Owlet IoT, please do not hesitate to contact us on 011 238 0000 or info@beka-schreder.co.za.