BEKA Schréder introduces a new Classic Victorian LED luminaire – the Valentino LED

JOHANNESBURG – May 07, 2017 – Africa’s leading manufacturer of energy efficient luminaires, BEKA Schréder, has recently introduced a new classic LED luminaire into the South African Market.

During the Victorian era, lighting design engineers made major improvements in the fields of science and engineering which led to a huge expansion in the industry. Having previously been restricted to candles and firelight, the effect of introducing controllable light to society was enormous. The Victorian passion led to the creation of oil and gas lamps.

The Valentino LED’s aesthetic design reflects this era in our history. Under its classical exterior, the Valentino LED luminaire incorporates leading-edge LED technology.

The new Valentino LED is stylish, highly efficient and contributes to the well-being and safety of people in the public spaces. This classic LED luminaire is particularly suited to lighting parks, squares, pedestrian areas, city centers or residential areas. It is also suitable for decorative lighting of business parks, golf estates and wine farms with a sense of Victorian charm.

Application and Design:

The Valentino LED is designed to operate LED light sources of up to 75W. It can be offered with a classic Gardone column in cast steel or with a wall bracket for suspended or post-top mounting. An embellishment conceals the mounting nut while providing a smooth finishing surface at the base of the luminaire. Different protector options, namely clear, structured or opal, are available for various effects. It is offered in most RAL or AKZO colours which helps create an atmosphere that is elegant.

Its use of LEDs not only minimises the power consumption but permits low height installations without generating intrusive light for the inhabitants of buildings. With no upper flux, the Valentino LED limits light pollution. Its long lasting design made of recyclable materials guarantees a responsible use of natural resources. It can operate with a photocell, a scheduled dimming system, a Constant Light Output or a complete remote Owlet management system. It can also be equipped with a motion detection unit.

BEKA Schréder’s ambiance selection provides efficient lighting systems in cities to help improve the quality of life. Lighting must fulfil not only aesthetic criteria but also requirements related to photometric performance. We offer an extensive range of highly efficient decorative luminaires, ranging from contemporary to traditional designs, using conventional or LED light sources.

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