New Production Lines

BEKA Schréder, the leading local manufacturer of LED luminaires, is in the process of rolling out new production lines within their operations located in Olifantsfontein, Johannesburg. This significant investment will allow BEKA Schréder to reduce the manufacturing time of its high performance LED luminaires, which will result in cost savings, increase the total production capacity, which in turn improves delivery times. All of this whilst still meeting highest international quality standards as per ISO 9001 requirements.

These “single piece flow” lines are made up of six work stations, where each station is dedicated to a few tasks only; and two Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) stations, where the delicate PCB assembly takes place. Each workstation is equipped with specialised tools optimized for each task and added lighting levels to maintain highest quality standards while minimising assembly time of each station. The ESD assembly stations have been installed to protect the sensitive electronic component assembly, which has a positive impact on the luminaires’ performance over time (lifetime). Our highly motivated operations staff have each undergone specific training on LED luminaire assembly and understand the importance of ESD protection.

Assembly instructions and quality inspection processes are present, as per ISO 9001 requirement, on each station. The layout and design of these production lines allow the team to easily and speedily modify the setup to accommodate any product variance. Each assembly line concludes with a final testing station validating each luminaire to SANS 60598 requirements and ingress protection (IP) requirements.

This high-cost investment has not only improved product delivery times, but also the overall morale of the operations team. Furthermore, we are bench-marking ourselves to international operations standards, to enable us to provide the most cost efficient manufacturing process.

We are proud to be a South African manufacturer of high-quality lighting solutions, and leading the way of LED luminaire engineering.