New multi-purpose LED low- and highbay luminaire

BEKA Schréder has introduced their new multi-purpose LEDbay-midi luminaire to the industrial and commercial markets as a highly efficient and energy saving replacement for traditional HID light sources. The LEDbay-midi luminaire is proudly designed and manufactured in South Africa.

Industrial facilities need high quality lighting to keep workers safe and to create a productive working environment. Lighting solutions not only need to be durable enough to withstand harsh environmental conditions including high temperatures, humidity, and corrosive atmospheres, but also to comply with the required lighting level as stipulated by the Occupational Health and Safety Act. In addition, the luminaires should provide low needs for maintenance and high energy savings. The LEDbay-midi was designed as a lighting solution that prioritizes these requirements.

The LEDbay-midi luminaire is suitable for various applications including logistics centers, warehouses, factories, hangars, gymnasia, service stations, retail areas and other large open spaces where high-power highbay lighting is required. To provide maximum flexibility the luminaire is also suitable for lowbay applications. The LEDbay-midi offers various symmetrical and asymmetrical optics in order to achieve the highest energy savings and high visual appearance creating the most economical solution.

Additional savings can be achieved where high power lighting is required by connecting the LEDbay-midi to occupancy sensors and daylight harvesting sensors. Furthermore, it can be connected to DALI BUS system. Various available mounting options make this product suitable for any location with typical installation heights of 4m-20m.

The LEDbay-midi offers an integrated battery backup system which is suitable for emergency lighting. With only 8kg weight this luminaire can be mounted to any ceiling structure and can replace any existing HID luminaire.

Please follow the link to view the LEDbay-midi Brochure.

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