BEKA Schréder Launches New LED Bulkhead

BEKA Schréder has launched a new addition to its LED bulkhead range, the SERIES 300. This locally designed and manufactured LED bulkhead with its modern and simple design allows this LED bulkhead to blend into any areas by day, and to make an impact when it is dark.

The sophisticated design of the SERIES 300 allows for ease of installation without compromising product lifetime. High-quality materials are used to ensure a high ingress protection and non-discolouring diffuser. This LED bulkhead has been designed for coastal and other harsh environmental conditions. It is highly efficient with long lasting LED technology, with a minimum useful lifetime of 60,000 hours (L70).

Its low profile makes for a highly aesthetical appearance. Furthermore, the SERIES 300 emits a uniform light with low glare. Since LED technology is ever-improving at a fast pace, our FutureProof technology allows for an easy technology upgrade should it be required.

The SERIES 300 with its halo lighting effect is the ideal solution to beautify buildings and to provide area lighting for commercial developments, retail areas, shopping malls and public buildings. High-quality materials, together with the long lifetime of the LEDs and an easy installation procedure, make the SERIES 300 the bulkhead of choice.