Lighting Principles – the Building Blocks for Future LED lighting

BEKA Schréder’s rollout of its Lightability® Seminars will give attendees the chance to not only firm up their foundations of lighting principles, but also to expand their knowledge of LED lighting trends and technologies.

BEKA Schréder has hosted its first of a series of seminars that will be held in all the major centres of South Africa. Attendees will be updated on LED technology, current and future trends, thermal management, mid-power vs. high-power vs. CSP technology LEDs, tunable white, amongst other topics. A new luminance meter and its revolutionary new way of measuring luminance levels onsite is also introduced.

BEKA Schréder’s latest locally designed and manufactured LED luminaires are also showcased, highlighting their ever-expanding range of high-quality LED lighting solutions.

With these seminars, BEKA Schréder’s leading role in providing professional sustainable lighting solutions is reinforced once more.

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Daniel Kasper presenting at the Lightability® SeminarLightability® Seminar networking