Lighting of Green Point Stadium, Balustrade and Podium Lighting

Contemporary lighting, complementing the modern design of the new Cape Town Stadium constructed within the rejuvenated Green Point Urban Park, was provided by BEKA (Pty) Ltd, Africa’s leading lighting manufacturer. BEKA worked closely with the professional team in translating their lighting requirements for the balustrade, compression ring and podium lighting, amongst many other lighting applications in and around the stadium.

Balustrade and Compression Ring Lighting

A unique architectural design element that is evident to the observer is the smooth waveform design that was applied to the balustrade of the public seating’s uppermost rows around the stadium, reflecting the natural elements of the sea that is in close proximity. GMP Architects, the lead architects in the joint venture of Stadium Architects, requested that the underside of the circular compression ring that encompasses the 72 vertical concrete supports be illuminated. The luminaires were to be mounted on the balustrade, thus this request demanded precise control of the upward light onto the underside of the compression ring and side supports, with innovative mechanical suspension and installation methods.

BEKA proposed an exciting new product, the BEKA LEDbeam, as the optimum selection due to the precise beam control achieved through special lenses. The task of providing a uniform level of luminance around the underside of the compression ring demanded significant lighting engineering expertise based on varying mounting distances of 2 and 12 metres between the BEKA LEDbeam on the balustrade and the compression ring

Subsequent lighting demonstrations to the professional team with the BEKA LEDbeam mounted on the lowest, middle and highest sections of the balustrade demonstrated the solutions to these tasks. Thus, BEKA’s development engineers were able to provide a unique lighting solution based on the latest LED technologies. The final installation includes 432 BEKA LEDbeam sections of 1,8m length with a special LED Light Tube installed between these sections. The 50,000 hour estimated lifetime of this system ensures the provision of minimum maintenance of the installation. The final result provides a superbly uniform illumination of the top section of the balustrade and the underside of the compression ring, compliant with the lighting brief.

Podium and Entrance Lighting

The vast podium and entrance areas demanded visually significant structural lighting statements that BEKA provided with a quantity of 70 of the new BEKA BEACON column luminaires. The surface mounted 8 metre extruded glass-fibre columns with the 150W HCI-T optical compartment enclosed with an opal diffuser, presents visual guidance from the entrance gates to the seating and merchandising areas and promotes a sense of proportion to the human scale.

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