Lightability, for those that have never heard of it

BEKA Schréder’s longevity and evolution continues as part of the Schréder Group, who are celebrating their 111th anniversary this year.

One word sums up what we at Schréder do, something that goes beyond lighting, with which we recognise.

We call this word LightabilityTM.

It’s about being experts in using light.

The ability to make that light human.

It’s our drive to grasp and explore everything there is about the potential of light. For everyone.

But LightabilityTM is not just a skill. It’s an attitude.

It’s reimagining the way light is used through efficiency, innovation, sustainability and expertise. It is the capacity to use the power of light to improve the world at large.

Because the light we help bring is more than physical.

It gives hope, makes love stronger, and protects what matters to us.

It is one that always finds a way to make things better.

And turning to history, the pioneers of the past created new terms, shaping culture and societies, breaking old boundaries to build smarter, connected communities.

That is what we strive to deliver: innovation.

We are pioneers lighting the way for the visionaries, so that their ideas can shine.

Because lighting can empower people, impact lives, support communities, transform spaces, cities – and the planet.

For 111 years Schréder have been experts at using light to its fullest potential.

And we’ll keep on doing just that.

All of this is connected.
All of this is LightabilityTM.