LED Lighting Solutions for Sun City

Sun International’s prestigious Sun City Resort is in the process of upgrading their road lighting. BEKA Schréder is proud to have supplied quality LED lighting solutions for this project.

Sun International’s renowned Sun City Resort consists of four hotels and a casino, and borders the Pilanesberg Nature Reserve. Due to the large size of this resort, energy saving solutions are a priority, and as such the resort’s street lighting was reviewed. The luminaire of choice was the BEKA CITEA LED 36 LED/60W. To date approximately 100 LED luminaires have been installed.

Sun City required an LED solution to replace the conventional HID street lighting. The BEKA CITEA LED luminaire was chosen because of its aesthetical appearance. Furthermore, the client chose LED technology due its low maintenance, low energy consumption and high-performance.

The BEKA CITEA LED is manufactured in South Africa and has thus been designed for local environmental conditions. It can operate in ambient temperatures of up to 35°C, without reducing the useful lifetime of 60 000 hours at a lumen depreciation of not more than 20% (L80).

Prior to the BEKA CITEA LED installation, BEKA Schréder supplied the LED street lighting from the main entrance up to the Cabanas hotel, and from the suppliers’ and staff entrance up to the circle at the main entrance. This was achieved with the BEKA LEDlume-midi 36 LED/60W. So far 75 BEKA LEDlume-midi luminaires have been supplied with more to come in the future. The BEKA LEDlume-midi’s superior performance convinced the client to use the BEKA CITEA LED luminaire.

BEKA Schréder is very proud to locally develop and manufacture LED products, designed and suitable for local conditions. We are also proud to be associated with Lasrust Enterprises and Sun City Casino & Resort, in providing a successful lighting solution for this prestigious group.

For further information contact David Fitzpatrick at 011 238 0020 or d.fitzpatrick@beka-schreder.co.za