LED Lighting for High Mast Lighting

A Johannesburg LED lighting company, with an Indian company as principal of the same name, claimed in various news article reports that their LED flood lighting can achieve 80% energy savings at lighting levels which are higher when compared to conventional high mast lighting.

These allegations were questioned by BEKA in an article published in the May edition of Vector. In the same issue, Mr Rammy Naidoo, a director of this company, was accusing Johann Schleritzko, amongst other accusations, of “distorting facts” and being “misdirected”.

In order to clarify the matter in a professional manner, BEKA requested the SABS to verify its light readings at the site, where Mr Naidoo based his allegations on.

BEKA also invited Mr Naidoo to a podium discussion, which was kindly provided for by the Gauteng branch of IESSA, on the 29th of July, at the Morning Side Country Club.

Regrettably on the morning of this event Mr Naidoo excused himself.

BEKA’s MD, Johann Schleritzko, a great supporter and promoter of LED technology, explained in a presentation why LED’s are suited for many applications, but are, based on today’s technology and costs, unsuited for conventional high mast applications. He explained, by means of simple examples, that a LED based high mast lighting solution would not only amount to 8 times the capital costs, when compared to conventional flood light systems, but would also consume 15% MORE energy.

Anybody interested in this presentation can download it from BEKA’s webpage, or please click here to download the presentation.

Schleritzko encouraged the professional lighting industry to speak out against companies and individuals who misguide their customers and misrepresent LED technologies and their applications.