Schréder has specifically developed second generation LensoFlex®2 photometric engines for lighting spaces in a sustainable and efficient way, to generate savings both in terms of total cost of ownership and CO2 emissions.



The LensoFlex®2 builds on the flexibility offered by a selection of lenses. To perfectly meet the needs of each kind of place to be lit, Schréder has designed a large range of photometries.
This concept is based upon the addition principle of photometric distribution.

Each LED is associated with a specific PMMA lens that generates the complete photometric distribution of the luminaire.

It is the number of LEDs in combination with the driving current that determines the intensity level of the light distribution.

The LensoFlex®2 concept has been used by Schréder as a platform to build a state-of-the-art range of LED lighting solutions that provide significant energy savings and offer flexibility both in terms of performance and control while ensuring a long lifespan.

LED optic 5068 Symmetrical



LED optic 5098



LED optic 5068



LED optic 5102



LED optic 5096 Symmetrical



LED optic 5103



LED optic 5096



LED optic 5117



LED optic 5118



LED optic 5119



LED optic 5120



LED optic 5121