Introducing the OMNIflood

BEKA Schréder is excited to announce the launch of the OMNIflood, an aesthetically pleasing and high-performing LED floodlight.

The aesthetic design of the OMNIflood, in combination with a variety of optical distributions, makes it versatile and thus the perfect choice for a number of different applications. The OMNIflood is the ideal tool to replace a range of floodlights equipped with traditional discharge lamps.

We offer the standard version covered in clear glass. However, for a higher impact resistance rating of IK 08, we can offer a framed version.

Key advantages of the OMNIflood include:

  • Designed and manufactured in South Africa
  • Designed to operate LED light sources of up to 138W in an ambient temperature (Tq) environment of up to 25˚C, without reducing the useful lifetime of 80 000 hours, at a lumen depreciation of not more than 30% (L70B10)
  • White light with a high colour rendering index
  • Easy access for installation and replacement of components
  • High-efficient LED light sources with various optical distributions available
  • High energy savings compared to systems with traditional discharge lamps due to precise light control
  • FutureProof: smart upgradability
  • Long lifetime and low maintenance
  • Versatile mounting options available
  • Surge protection 10kV/10kA

Whether used for area lighting, security lighting, warehouses, service stations or for accent and architectural lighting, the OMNIflood offers the ideal LED lighting solution.

For further enquiries, contact Grant Combrink at 011 238 0000 or