Introducing the LEDlume-mini XP

Introducing the latest addition to our bestselling LEDlume street light range, the LEDlume-mini XP. It is a high-quality, energy-efficient, versatile and sustainable LED street light.

The LEDlume-mini XP is suitable for functional lighting of Group A4 and Group B roads and other applications where energy saving, low maintenance and precise light control considerations are important factors.

This locally designed and manufactured LED luminaire offers an easy technology upgrade (Futureproof) and unsurpassed light uniformity. The LEDlume-mini XP consists of an LED engine, power supply and spigot compartment. This allows the easy installation of the LED engine by means of a hinging action onto a spigot base casting.

To maximize the reliability of the LEDs, the photometrical engine is completely sealed to IP 66. This ensures that the photometric performance is maintained over time. The LED engine, consisting of the LED light source and the power supply, can be easily replaced or upgraded, in order to take advantage of future technological developments.

The latest LED technology has been utilized to provide the most energy efficient solution. The thermal design has been improved to minimise the Total Cost of Ownership.

Please follow the link to view the LEDlume-mini XP brochure.

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