Focus on Recreational Sport with us

We are all passionate about sport, and the spectator experience is important to us. Let us consult you on the best lighting solution for your application.

Whether you are a sports director of a school or a facilities manager of a stadium, we are able to offer you a high-quality, energy-efficient LED lighting solution, for illuminating the field of play, as well as the surrounding areas. We also offer luminaires that are suitable for indoor sporting environments, such as indoor swimming pools, or sport halls.

Our in-house lighting design team is able to assist with bringing your sport applications to life.

We are excited to announce the release of our Recreational Sport brochure, which helps you choose the most suitable product for your sport environment.

We have recently supplied an LED floodlighting solution for Paarl Boys’ High School’s hockey field.
View the benefits in our video:

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If you would like to enquire with us about a lighting solution for your sports application, please do not hesitate to contact us.