Decorative LED lighting column, the ELLEGA

Introducing our recently launched decorative LED lighting column, the ELLEGA. The ELLEGA, with its simple but elegant linear design, provides a versatile range of luminaires to light diverse landscapes.

The ELLEGA luminaire is available in a single or double configuration at various heights, in neutral or warm white light. The flexibility of the second generation LensoFlex®2 photometric engine provides multiple lighting distributions to adapt to the diverse needs of contemporary lighting. The amount of LEDs is adapted to meet the photometrical requirements of the specified application.

The ELLEGA is locally designed and manufactured, thus making it suitable to withstand our harsh environmental conditions. The latest LED technology has been utilized to provide the most energy efficient solution. The thermal design has been optimized to offer a high lifetime of all electronic components and thereby providing an expected lifetime of 100,000 hours at L70, even in the most extreme environment. Electronic temperature monitoring prevents overheating of LEDs and power supply (ThermiX®). The incorporated 10kV surge protection ensures the reliable and robust functionality of the electronic components within any surge exposing environment.

The control gear and LED engine is mounted on a hingeable aluminium plate for ease of installation and maintenance. The whole light fixture, including pole, is a fixed assembly and is supplied in different lengths and configurations to meet the client’s requirements.

This winning combination of performance, design and flexibility enables the ELLEGA range to illuminate streets, residential areas, parks, bicycle and pedestrian paths with a better quality of light, to generate energy savings and to reduce the ecological footprint with a perfect aesthetic integration into the environment.