With public lighting accounting for 40% of a city’s energy bills, governments are looking to Smart LED Lighting Solutions for its promise of significant energy and cost savings.

At BEKA Schréder, we are ready to light the way to #TomorrowsCities. With our efficient LED street lighting solutions, Cities and Building Managers can, for example, reduce their energy bills by more than two thirds.

A good example is the innovative Teceo range for road and urban street lighting. The Teceo range compared to traditional lighting solutions provides improved lighting levels, and generates energy savings. Furthermore, it reduces a city’s ecological footprint, all with a minimum total cost of ownership.

The Teceo range, in conjunction with Owlet IoT, helps metros manage expenses more efficiently. This is achieved by reducing maintenance requirements, optimising asset management and providing increased safety with enhanced well-being for citizens.

It’s time to make our city’s street lighting more energy efficient, safe and sustainable.

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