Decorative LED Lighting Solutions for Sun City

Sun International’s prestigious Sun City Resort is in the process of upgrading the walkway lighting in their gardens, as well as the lighting in their parking areas. BEKA Schréder is proud to have supplied quality LED lighting solutions for this project.

Sun International’s renowned Sun City Resort consists of four hotels, a time-share option as well as a casino, and borders the Pilanesberg Nature Reserve. Due to the large size of this resort, energy saving solutions are a priority. The resort’s streetlighting has already been successfully upgraded to LED technology using BEKA Schréder products, and the next areas under review were the walkway and parking area lighting. LED technology seemed to be the obvious choice due to its low maintenance, low energy consumption and high-performance characteristics.

Suc City 1BEKA Schréder’s locally designed and manufactured LEDpost bollards gracefully enhance the walkways in the areas between the Gary Player Country Club, the Soho hotel and the Cabanas, as well as in the forest outside of the elegant Cascades hotel. The green LEDposts blend in elegantly with their surroundings, and their distinct design shields pedestrians from glare and prevents spill light from being emitted in an upward direction.

The Zela LED post top luminaire replaces the old sphere lighting in the parking areas at the Cabanas hotel, Soho hotel and the Cascades hotel. This popular luminaire emits a pleasant, glare-free light due to the highly efficient white reflector. The Zela provides a cost-effective lighting solution for the creation of ambiance. Both the LEDpost and Zela luminaires are equipped with electronic temperature monitoring, which prevents overheating of the LEDs and power supply, positioned directly next to LEDs (ThermiX®), thereby prolonging the lifetime of the luminaires.

BEKA Schréder locally develops and manufactures LED lighting products, designed and suitable for local conditions. We are very proud to be associated with Lasrust Enterprises and Sun City Resort, in providing a successful lighting solution for this prestigious group.

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