BEKA’s OWLET nightshift Telemanagement System controls the N1 highway out of Cape Town

The Provincial Administration of the Western Cape, as advised by the professional team, decided to implement remote control of the lighting for one of the latest street lighting projects in the Western Cape, by installing BEKA’s OWLET nightshift Telemanagement System.

This system negates the requirement for a wired control circuit, and replaces this with an intelligent wireless mesh-network.

The Provincial Trunk road designated T9, but known as the N1 highway out of Cape Town to the North, carries the second highest density of vehicular traffic in South Africa. The Provincial Government of the Western Cape decided to provide street lighting for approximately 18 kilometres from the Koeberg Interchange, 3 kilometres outside of Cape Town, up to the Old Oak road off-ramp in Bellville.

BEKA’s OWLET nightshift Telemanagement System provides for the effective remote management and control of the lighting installation from a centralised OWLET Management Server. The system is primarily configured for the automatic control of the lighting levels and switching schedule, based upon predetermined schedules for each of the eleven system groups for weekdays and weekends. Substantial energy savings are achieved by means of additional external system inputs, for example camera-based virtual traffic loops, which allow for more accurate switching and dimming of the lighting during actual peak and off-peak road usage times.

Operators are able to access the systems management interface from a standard web-browser to view the current status of the system and of each device within the system, print operational reports or override the switching schedules for individual groups or a specific luminaire.

The system also reports back to the OWLET Management Server the status of power consumption, power factor, load current and lamp run hours for every individual luminaire. This enables the system operators to react to failed lamps or luminaires in a more systematic and proactive approach, and ensures that maintenance staff focus only on real faults, knowing their exact geographic location and symptoms. Regular planned maintenance, such as group lamp replacement, based on actual lamp usage, can therefore be implemented, assisting to minimise operational maintenance costs.

OWLET nightshift comprises a three-tier system structure: the Luminaire Controller (LuCo) installed inside each luminaire, the Segment Controller (SeCo) which manages up to 150 LuCo’s, and the central OWLET Management Server. The communication between the LuCo and SeCo utilises a wireless self-healing mesh-network, based upon an IEC standard communication protocol, which ensures high reliability.

A major benefit of the system is that the supply network is permanently energised, as the load is controlled at each luminaire, which allows for additional uses of the supply infrastructure, such as powering traffic monitoring systems, cameras and other third party systems. An additional benefit of the system is the ability to incorporate the control of High-Mast Lighting.

BEKA is proud of the fact that it now offers an all embracing energy saving solution, consisting of the highly advanced reflector systems in its luminaires and now further supported by BEKA’s OWLET nightshift Telemanagement System.

OWLET GmbH, based in Germany, is owned by the Schréder Group of Companies which ensures and guarantees the commitments of this system’s compatibility for decades to come.

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