BEKA has compiled a comprehensive overview on the range of BEKA luminaires which are available in a self-contained, battery operated, emergency version.

LED’s have become the obvious choice for battery operated lighting systems, since they provide reliable light sources, operate on DC supply voltage and provide highest lumen per watt efficacy. This enables the reduction of the battery size and therefore the cost, without compromising on lighting levels.

Most BEKA products are now available in LED emergency version. This new overview of the range of available BEKA luminaires also contains other features, such as:

    Minimum duration of emergency lighting

  • The lumen output of the light source in emergency mode
  • Whether the luminaire is available in a self-test mode
  • Whether a standard luminaire can be turned into an emergency luminaire, which requires a remote mounted unit and its associated IP rating

We trust that this comprehensive overview will assist you to select the correct luminaire for your application.

The BEKA Emergency Product Matrix brochure is available for download on our website at