Introducing the LED version for the BEKARAY and BEKASTAR post top luminaires

The BEKARAY and BEKASTAR post top luminaire range has been around for more than 25 years, and with LED technology taking over the lighting industry, we have created an LED version of this luminaire and an LED Retrofit Kit that you can use in your existing BEKARAY and BEKASTAR installations.

This 55W LED version performs equally to the 100W HPS or 125W MV version, except it provides an energy saving of up to 70% due to the optimal photometric performance and high reliability which also reduces maintenance costs.

The IP 66 LED housing compartment optimizes the thermal operating environment around the LEDs enabling the long useful lifetime (100 000hrs, L70). With the introduction of LED technology, dimming options are much easier and further maximize energy savings.

Please follow the links to view more information about the BEKARAY and BEKASTAR luminaires.