BEKA supplies the Amenity Lighting for the Free State Stadium Precinct

BEKA’s range of stylish and contemporary lighting has been the choice for almost all prestigious venues for the Soccer World Cup 2010. BEKA’s products also feature at the Bloemfontein’s Free State Stadium, a 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup venue, with various Amenity and Commercial Lighting products.

When the Free State Stadium was nominated as one of the stadiums to host the 2010 Soccer World Cup, Dihlase Consulting Engineers were tasked to upgrade Bloemfontein’s prestigious stadium. Amenity Lighting was one of the key aspects to illuminate the exterior of the stadium.

The BEKA CITEA 250W MH-T luminaire and decorative Swansea brackets/pole combinations were chosen for the entertainment and parking areas. For the illumination of the spectator ramps, the BEKA SERIES 21218 bulkhead was selected, and the columns supporting the roof structure were accented with the BEKADUO 35/70W MH-T up/downlighter.

For the interior of the Pavilion, the BEKADAZZLE-Orion was used in the main foyer together with the BEKA LUXLIFT to ease maintenance by lowering the luminaires to a desired height. Furthermore, the consultant team chose the BEKARONDO 2*26W CFL downlighter for the hallways, dressing rooms etc. The BEKA SERIES 21218 bulkhead was installed at the staircases.

BEKA (Pty) Ltd is proud of their association with the above-mentioned project and the professional team involved.

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