BEKA supplies complete floodlighting solution for the New Orlando Stadium

BEKA is proud to have supplied floodlighting for many of the Stadia in South Africa, which will be used for training and preparation for the 2010 Soccer World Cup.

This article covers the supply of BEKA floodlighting and control system for the Orlando Stadium in Soweto, which will be used as a training venue during the 2010 FIFA World Cup. The upgrade of the stadium, which required a complete rebuild, was completed in late 2008. The seating capacity has been increased from 24 000 to over 40 000, and the stadium is now able to cater for both soccer and rugby matches, as well as community gatherings and music concerts.

BEKA provided the design, supply and installation of the floodlighting, as well as the floodlighting control system.

To illuminate the field to the client and FIFA’s requirement of 1500lux average, 272 BEKA STADIALUX 2kW Metal Halide floodlights were installed along the stadium canopy, meeting the required specification for International Colour TV broadcasts. Ten percent of the luminaires are equipped with Instant Restrike control gear, to ensure that the stadium has general lighting on the field after short power outages.

The BEKA Stadium Controller, a specialised stadium floodlighting control system, was implemented to handle the automated task of managing the floodlighting for the required switching stages.

Four different stages were provided for:

  • Stage 1: Practice level 200lux average
  • Stage 2: Club match level 350lux average
  • Stage 3: PSL Match and National level of 600lux average
  • Stage 4: International CTV level of 1500lux average

The BEKA Stadium Controller ensures that the inrush current is minimised when switching on the various stages, that power failure events are handled automatically without human intervention, and also allows for later integration with other systems.

The Stadium Controller’s secondary panel, installed in the security room at the field entrance allows for coaches and maintenance staff to activate the various floodlighting levels through key-switch control. This panel connects to the BEKA Stadium Controller main panel, installed in the Joint Operations Centre, where control for large matches and public events will be effected. A web-based control panel is also accessible should control be required from a PC or smartphone, which also allows for access to switching logs and lamp running time information.

The BEKA Stadium Controller also incorporates other features, such as ensuring that the stadium is not plunged into darkness when switched off and, furthermore, providing anti-panic lighting to allow persons on the field, and also in the grandstands, time to vacate the stadium before complete shutdown of the floodlighting.

The following companies were involved in this prestigious installation:

  • Platinum Sports Projects – Principal Agent
  • Grinaker LTA – Main Contractor
  • SSI International – Consulting Engineers
  • Lesedi Consulting Engineers – Electrical Engineers

BEKA (Pty) Ltd are proud of their association with the above-mentioned project and the professional teams involved.

For more information, contact Johann Schleritzko at 011 238 0000 or