BEKA STADIALUX XP, BEKA’s new Stadium Floodlight

With the introduction of High Definition TV, the lighting requirements for sporting events have increased substantially, as is evident from the requirements of various international sporting bodies, such as FIFA. This has prompted BEKA to make the most successful stadium floodlight ever produced in South Africa, the BEKA STADIALUX, even more efficient, by introducing latest reflector technologies and manufacturing standards. These have now been incorporated in the BEKA STADIALUX XP, the latest floodlight in the extensive BEKA range of floodlights.

The reflector, the heart of every floodlight, has been redesigned to optimise the light distribution of the various beam angles, namely Narrow, Medium, Wide and Extra Wide.

The substantial gauge of the reflector material prevents any distortions caused by the heat of the lamp, which could affect the consistency of the light distribution. It further incorporates newly designed baffles, which minimises the upward lighting and prevents light pollution.

In order to ensure high dimensional stability, the BEKA STADIALUX XP is now manufactured in high pressure die cast aluminium. The aluminium alloy used is LM6, which represents the highest grade of aluminium alloy, ensuring that no atmospheric corrosion affects the floodlight over its lifetime.

The aiming of the floodlight can be easily accomplished by specially designed brackets, which ensure correct positioning of the telescope to the housing.

The lamp replacement is made simple by accessing the luminaire from the rear and removing two sturdy, sprung stainless steel clips.

The floodlight is also available in instant re-strike versions.

BEKA is proud to have, once-again, designed a South African manufactured floodlight which is finding much support in South and Southern Africa, and also, through its relationship with the Schréder Group, in other continents.

For more information, contact Johann Schleritzko at 011 238 0000 or