Introducing BEKA SOLAR – Next Generation

The BEKA SOLAR has been optimised to offer the most customizable solar solution for road and urban applications.

Our locally designed and manufactured solar street light for outdoor residential and public applications gives you a full customizable option to suit all your off-grid solar lighting requirements.

The BEKA SOLAR, combined with the ZIYA luminaire, provides a reliable lighting solution with a high Ingress Protection level (IP 65) that withstands high ambient temperatures and vandalism (IK 10). The ZIYA range is a sustainable off-grid performer with a superior lumen/watt ratio.

The photovoltaic process is optimized by efficient Polycrystalline solar module technology to maximise solar energy. This in turn offers the best energy storage options and autonomy available on the market with our range of battery options, namely Lead, Lithium and the new SuperCapacitor. This SuperCapacitor removes the depth of discharge (DOD) issues, and furthermore offers extended life and discharge cycles.

Controlling the whole system and using this solar energy by programming the MPPT charge controllers protects and optimizes the system from any internal and external factors, like thermal environmental changes when charging the batteries.

The BEKA SOLAR offers the following key advantages:

  • It has been designed to operate reliably at a high light output over a 12 to 14 hour period
  • It has sufficient autonomy to cater for up to four continuous overcast or rainy days, to continue its reliable night operation
  • Integrated solar components
  • Theft and vandal resistant
  • Specifically engineered for all geographical locations in Africa
  • Various battery technologies available to meet specific customer requirements

The BEKA SOLAR offers the renewable lighting solution to cover your geographical and application needs with extended lifetime and optimization.