BEKA (Pty) Ltd organized a one-day seminar titled: “PUBLIC LIGHTING NETWORKS – HOW TO REDUCE ENERGY CONSUMPTION!”, which was held on the 3rd of March 2008 at the Eskom Convention Centre in Midrand, Gauteng. The conference was attended by 160 persons from all over South Africa, with representatives from all major Councils and Electrical Consulting Engineering offices.

Barry Bredenkamp, Manager of the National Energy Efficiency Agency, opened the proceedings by presenting an overview of current government programs to fast-track the implementation of energy efficient streetlight luminaires.

The presentations covered all relevant technologies, which assist the country to find a sustainable and economical solution in reducing energy consumption of streetlights. They also covered technology aspects such as solar-powered luminaires, Voltage Reduction devices, Tele-management and the problems related to HID light sources on generator-powered circuits.

Luminaire technologies were discussed, such as conventional ballasts versus electronic ballasts, Power Switch and Timed Power Switch, as well as Reflector technologies, which were supported by case studies.

Lamp technologies were presented by OSRAM (Pty) Ltd, which included updates on High Intensity Discharge lamp technology, CFL lamps and LED lamps.

All available Lighting Control Technologies were discussed, as well as BEKA’s expanded range of energy efficient lighting products.

BEKA also provided an update on Statutory Standards & Regulations, which include the Revisions to SANS 10098-1 & 2 and ARP035 and the basic differences between CIE 140 and CIE 30.2 calculation methods.

The latest technological invention of the Schréder group, the MEMPHIS system, an innovative road surface reflectometer, was presented and demonstrated to show how road and highway lighting could be made more energy efficient.

Finally, all participants received a copy of the most advanced street lighting calculation software in the world, the ULYSSE lighting software. With this powerful software tool, the most efficient luminaire and configuration can be calculated.


BEKA’s Expanded Range.pdf

CIE 140.pdf

Lighting Control Technologies.pdf

Memphis Presentation.pdf

Methods to Reduce Energy Consumption on Public Lighting Networks .pdf

Specifications For Street Light Luminaires.pdf

Sustainable Light.pdf