BEKA Schréder Welcomes Students

BEKA Schréder recently welcomed 3rd year Landscape Architect Students from the University of Pretoria to share with them the important role that lighting plays in their field of study.

The students spent time at the BEKA Schréder premises for half a day, in which they learnt about lighting as a medium, lighting design and latest lighting technologies. A visit of the luminaire assembly and GRP pole factories concluded the visit.

Luminaires play a major role in landscape design not only at night when they are switched on, but they also serve as an aesthetic element within their environment during the day. They provide immediate visual impact and structure in the landscape, such as business parks, golf estates, and parks.

The right lighting level is critical, as often light quality, not high lighting levels, drives a solution for lighting outdoor spaces. At the same time, safety is an important factor to consider, and a middle ground between light levels and strategic light placement needs to be found.

BEKA Schréder welcomes institutions in the landscape architectural and architectural fields to contact us to arrange such Open Days for students. For further enquiries, contact us.