BEKA Schréder Supports Food Stalls

For a number of years now, BEKA Schréder has encouraged its employees to support the two food stalls stationed outside of its head office premises, by purchasing their lunch there. The biggest challenge in providing the food service has been the weather. But this will no longer be the case.

BEKA Schréder has realised the value of the food stalls from the beginning when they first started to sell food. However, the weather conditions have posed the biggest challenge in providing a consistent service to BEKA Schréder’s staff. This is why the decision was made to support the two ladies who run these food stalls by supplying each of them with a gazebo.

This is Josephina’s Story:

Josephina Selowa started out as working as a car guard at BEKA Schréder in 1995, simultaneously selling food in smaller pots for 3 to 5 people. She has always loved selling food but what inspired her the most is getting the permission and support from BEKA Schréder’s management to sell her food in front of the building, and to also have the support from its employees.

Josephina extends her deepest gratitude to BEKA Schréder for giving her the gazebo, as she will now be protected from the weather, be it wind, rain or sun. Now she will not miss some of her working days due to bad weather and she believes her business will grow.

“My business will now run easier and grow because of the gazebo with which BEKA Schréder blessed me. I am so overwhelmed I don’t even have words to express my gratitude. It was through God’s grace after my years of struggle I have finally found a shelter to grow my business”, says Josephina.

This is Queen’s Story:

Queen Malatji started selling food outside the BEKA Schréder premises in 1996. Years back Queen did a short business course that was offered by the Municipality. After completing the course she had no caravan from where she could run her business. Therefore, she was granted permission from the municipality to sell food on the street.

Queen’s love for business is the main reason why she is selling food. Her business helps her to support her family. Queen is overwhelmed about the gazebo, saying it is strong and will be able to protect her from rain.

“I am genuinely thankful for what BEKA Schréder has done. I can now come to work even when the weather is bad and I know for sure we have the support system that cares about our business growth”, says Queen. ”Finally God heard my prayers. I can extend my business now that I have a shelter.”