BEKA Schréder launches a new LED Bollard

JOHANNESBURG – June 19, 2017 – Africa’s leading manufacturer of energy efficient luminaires, BEKA Schréder, has recently launched the new LED bollard, the CITRINE.

The Citrine was developed to take up the challenge of creating both efficient visual guidance while enhancing the ecosystem in which it is installed. This high-quality and cost-effective lighting solution is available in two sizes (Mini and Midi). It is offered in a symmetrical distribution with a diffuse protector for maximised comfort.

The photometry has been designed to allow maximum spacing between the bollards, thus lowering the investment.

The Citrine has been designed to:

  • Be compact and versatile
  • Maximize savings in energy and maintenance costs
  • Provide visual comfort and an enjoyable ambiance
  • Last longer due to the ThermiX® concept
  • Operate in a wide temperature span: from -20° up to +50°C
  • Be easy to install
  • Have a surge protection of 10kVThe CITRINE offers comfort and performance

If you are looking for a refined design which provides visual comfort and is easy to install with maximum savings, then the CITRINE is a product you would like to use.

More information will be available on our website on 26 June 2017.