BEKA Schréder launches LED floodlight

BEKA Schréder has launched a new efficient and versatile floodlight for indoor and outdoor area lighting.

With multiple combinations of lumen packages and light distributions, the INDU FLOOD is the ideal tool to provide an efficient multi-purpose lighting solution in environments such as industrial halls and warehouses, large areas, sport areas or car parks.

Available in 2 sizes, this compact luminaire perfectly integrates environments to provide the exact lighting requirements of the space to be illuminated. Delivered with a mounting bracket, it can be adjusted on-site for precise optical control. It is perfect for replacing fixtures with discharge lamps from 50-400W.

The INDU FLOOD provides superior illumination technology for excellent visibility and better colour perception, delivering value beyond energy savings. Its robust design, with a high IP rating, guarantees performance for many years to come even in the harshest conditions.

Key advantages of the INDU FLOOD range include:

  • High efficiency with low operating costs
  • 2 sizes and a range of light distributions to ensure the right light
  • One design for aesthetic consistency in multi-purpose applications
  • High energy savings compared to systems with traditional discharge lamps
  • Long lifespan thanks to robust design

Furthermore, the cooling fins ensure a perfect thermal management, allowing the INDU FLOOD to operate in hot conditions.

For further enquiries, contact Grant Combrink at 011 238 0000 or