BEKA Schréder Illuminates Specialised Provincial TB Hospitals with LED floodlights

BEKA Schréder Eastern Cape is proud to be involved with the upgrade of two TB Hospitals, namely Jose Pearson in Port Elizabeth and Marjorie Parrish in Port Alfred, using the latest highly-efficient LED technology available.

The client was requested to upgrade the security lighting of both TB hospitals, which also included general area lighting. The Department of Health required an energy-efficient product and a maintenance-free installation. Due to this request, the client designed all the lighting layouts using the BEKA LEDflood-midi 88W and BEKA Schréder’s Glass Fibre Reinforced Polyester Poles. The selected products conformed to their expectation regarding Marine Grade Aluminium luminaires with an LED light source and the corrosion-resistant Glass Fibre Reinforced Polyester Poles.

A total of 176 BEKA LEDflood luminaires and 89 BEKA GRP Poles were supplied to both projects.

BEKA Schréder is proud of its association with this project and its partnership with Ballenden & Robb Consulting.

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