BEKA provides unique solar-powered lighting solution to Kaalfontein Park

BEKA has provided a unique solar-powered lighting solution to the newly upgraded Kaalfontein Park in Midrand. To make this park accessible and safe for the community at night, solar-powered lighting was needed in this off-grid area.

The client, Johannesburg City Parks, required a lighting solution that suited the new image of the park, incorporating an aesthetically pleasing design, so as to conceal the solar elements to reduce the risk of theft.

Blueprint Landscape Architecture approached BEKA with the idea of “The Leaf Tree”, whereby the solar panels are hidden in the leaves. BEKA assisted Blueprint Landscape Architecture to bring their idea to reality. A 10m high pole was transformed to look like a tree. The large leaves, made of powder coated steel, were designed to take into account the weight of the solar panels, as well as the wind factor. Two BEKA LEDlume-midi 62W luminaires at 24V, installed at a height of 8m, provide the security lighting in the park. The BEKA LEDlume range is designed and manufactured in South Africa, thus taking Africa’s environments and conditions into account. This is evident in the luminaire’s design. A unique thermal sensor technique monitors the temperature of the LEDs on the printed circuit boards (PCBs). Once a critical temperature is reached, which could harm the lifetime of the LEDs, the current is reduced to ensure safe operating temperatures of the LEDs. This safeguards the LEDs and ensures that the long lifetime of 15-25 years, as envisaged by the LED manufacturer Osram, is achieved.

The BEKA SOLAR module has been engineered for all geographical locations in Africa. It is designed to operate reliably at a high light output over a 12 to 14 hour period. It has sufficient autonomy to cater for up to two continuous overcast or rainy days, in order to continue its reliable night operation.

Kaalfontein Park has been transformed from a run-down park into a meeting point for the community. It now has a play area for the younger children, as well as a picnic area where adults can get together and have community meetings. A gym area has also been built for all ages to enjoy.

BEKA is proud of its association with this project and its partnership with Blueprint Landscape Architecture and Johannesburg City Parks.

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