BEKA Provides Solar Solution to Bara Public & Environment

BEKA’s solar powered streetlights provide the lighting for the surrounding areas of the Baragwanath (Bara) taxi rank, which is the biggest and busiest bus and taxi rank in Soweto, Johannesburg. In order to make the area safer, lighting was required. One of the challenges of the Bara Public & Environment Upgrade Project in Soweto was the challenge to get power to the site. In order to overcome this, BEKA provided solar powered LED luminaires.

The BEKA CITEA LED was chosen to provide not only the lighting level, but also the aesthetical appearance.

The BEKA CITEA LED is manufactured in South Africa, thus taking Africa’s environments and conditions into account. This is evident in the luminaire’s design. A unique thermal sensor technique monitors the temperature of the LEDs on the printed circuit boards (PCBs). Once a critical temperature is reached, which could harm the lifetime of the LEDs, the current is reduced to ensure safe operating temperatures of the LEDs. This safeguards the LEDs and ensures that the long lifetime of up to 100,000 hours, as envisaged by the LED manufacturer OSRAM, is achieved.

The BEKA SOLAR module has been engineered for all geographical locations in Africa. It is designed to operate reliably at a high light output over a 12 to 14 hour period. It has sufficient autonomy to cater for up to two continuous overcast or rainy days, to continue its reliable night operation.

The solar components, such as solar panels and special solar batteries, are protected by theft-resistant mounting measures.

BEKA’s products were chosen by the professional team for their quality and reliability, as well as BEKA’s supporting services.

BEKA is proud of its association with this project and its partnership with High Voltage System Engineers and Khuboni Civil Projects.

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