BEKA provides lighting solution to Anglo American’s Kolomela Mine and Life of Mine

BEKA’s solution was chosen as the preferred supplier of luminaires as a result of extensive tests conducted by the project engineering team of Anglo American’s Kumba Iron Ore on luminaires from a variety of luminaire suppliers. These tests were done to ascertain the most efficient luminaire which would be required for their projects, which included: the Kolomela project in Postmastburg and also the Sishen Life of Mine project in Kathu.

To achieve these criteria, all the luminaires would have to incorporate high efficient reflector systems with light output ratios in excess of 82%. These high luminaire light output ratios have been achieved with BEKA’s range of BEKA SUPRANOVA bulkhead luminaires, BEKABAY Techno highbay luminaires, BEKA PROJECTOLUX floodlights and the BEKA VAPOURLINE IP 66 enclosed fluorescent luminaires.

Due to the high efficient luminaires and the incorporation of the new HID lamp generation, BEKA‘s Industrial Lighting Division is able to offer their clients illumination designs for various areas with less luminaires, or lower wattage lamps, for an energy efficient illumination, but still achieving the required illumination levels in accordance to the statutory requirements, thus ensuring that the clients’ safety is never compromised.

BEKA’s Industrial Lighting Division does not only supply energy efficient lighting luminaires, but also offer an illumination design service, which provides optimum lighting designs in adherence to current standards and legislation.

BEKA’s continuous research results in designs of contemporary lighting products, providing lasting energy savings and minimal operating costs, as required by professional clients.

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